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Cards of the Pokemon TGG Fates Collide Set (w/Marriland)

Devin (a.k.a. "Marriland") and I discuss some of the cards in the recently released Fates Collide Pokemon TCG set:

Cards discussed:



Steven: So while we are here, let’s go ahead and talk about a couple of the cards in the set. We got to see some of them today. Devin, why don’t you pick out a couple? Which ones do you want to talk about?

Devin: So, I unfortunately didn’t pull too many great cards. I didn’t pull like; any fantastic Pokémon EX until after the tournament was over. The cards I did use that were interesting for the prerelease, the one card that really sticks in my mind is Hawlucha. For one Energy, it lets you draw a card. It is a Colorless Energy. It can be put in any deck essentially, although you will want to play it in Fighting. It is so nice to have a good solid lead that you can just start with in a prerelease. So, I felt very comfortable with that. Plus, for two energy-one Fighting and one Colorless-it does thirty damage, you flip a coin, if you get heads the opponent is Paralyzed. So that is nice. The fact that it is also resistant to Fighting was an amazing help although the Hawlucha versus Hawlucha matches basically just led to a whole bunch of, “All right, we are going to just leave Hawlucha up here and set up the rest of our bench and see who goes for it first? Who is going to press the button first?” In my first battle it was me. It was really close. It actually ended up being a tie. It was just that ridiculous, but it added strategy that Hawlucha. I liked it for a card in a set. Terrible after the set is you know, not in prerelease mode anymore, but it was fun for the event.

I guess Lucario is also kind of interesting. It is very straight forward. Again, not something I would use beyond the prerelease but still kind of neat. The Tyranitar, I did pull that as my promo and it has such a high Energy cost but the fact that when you play it you get one Dark Energy from your discard pile for every Prize Card that your opponent has taken, then out of nowhere this Tyranitar can show up with five Energy, do a hundred and fifty damage. You discard the top two cards of your deck and it can do fifty more for each Supporter discarded. So, it can just come out of nowhere and really surprise you. I don’t know if I would put an Evolution line in my deck for it but it was kind of a neat concept.

Steven: It certainly could come in there in the late game. You mentioned Hawlucha. I guess, maybe it is a good thing that Resistance is not minus thirty any more.

Devin: Oh my goodness! That would have been so slow going. That would have been the worst if it was minus thirty. Even ten is bad.

Steven: Definitely there, but I guess the other cards I want to mention is in one of the packs there; one of the side packs the twenty-two carders. There is a Delphox that does damage based on the amount of Energy-total Energy in play between both players which is something to watch out for. I think that could even make it into the main tournament format.  What about you?

Devin: I have not been following competitive as much but I could see it having potential just because that is a lot of damage for just three Energy, especially since it does have at least, I am pretty sure it gets a BREAK Evolution right? I haven’t seen what it does but I think that coupled with a really solid attack would just be awesome. I got wrecked by that in round three. It was just not fun.

Steven: Unfortunately, I also saw that in round two because I made the mistake of not using the Water Pokémon in my twenty-two card pack to sort of beef things up I decided to focus more on the Fighting side of it.

All right, well, thank you very much Devin. This has been Steven Reich from Pegasus Games in Madison, Wisconsin at one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Fates Collide Prereleases.

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