Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tom Wayland and Bryce Papenbrook at Anime Milwaukee 2015-Parts 1 and 2

Last weekend, I was able to attend Anime Milwaukee 2015. This year's convention brought in a number of guests, including some who had worked on the Pokemon anime. A press session I attended featured Tom Wayland (voice director for the current English Pokemon dub) and Bryce Papenbrook ("Red" in Pokemon Origins). You can see some parts of the session here:

The first part discusses their origins as voice actors, and in the second Tom explains how he creates Pokemon voices for the TV show. More parts of this session will be coming soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unboxing the Pokemon: The First Movie Mini-DVD

Back in the mid-00's, Warner Bros. put out a number of titles in a format called "Mini-DVD", which is basically a smaller DVD disc (three inches across instead of the usual five). One of the titles produced in this format was Pokemon: The First Movie. You can see an unboxing of this edition here:

While the main feature is mostly intact (the commentary from the regular version is not present), several special features had to be cut. The remaining features (all on disc two) are:

-"Don't Say You Love Me" music video
-"Ash's Journey" introduction video
-"The Story of Mewtwo's Origin" (short version)

Overall, I wouldn't say there's a particular reason to seek out this edition, unless you want to own a copy in every format the movie's been released in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pokemon TCG Primal Clash Prerelease: Madison, WI

Find out about some of the new cards in the Pokemon TCG Primal Clash expansion!

Cards discussed in this interview:

-Sharpedo EX
-Shrine of Memories