Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pokemon: The First Movie Remastered Showing on Cartoon Network 1/4/2014


Hi everyone, Steven here. So a few days ago Cartoon Network put out a press release announcing the official start of the Pokemon X Y Anime on January 18th. While I'm certainly looking forward to that, what's more interesting to me is the second paragraph, where it states that a digitally remastered version of Mewtwo Strikes Back will be shown on January 4th. This is significant for a few reasons. First of all, those of you that have seen my "Arceus Gap" video will be aware that The First Movie has essentially been out of print in the US since late 2009, and this marks the first major exhibition of the film since that time. This would seem to imply that whatever issues that caused it to go out of print have been resolved, and this could possibly hint at another retail release of the movie sometime in 2014.

Another interesting point is that the movie has been digitally remastered. Now, a remastered version of the Japanese edition has existed for a while, so it's possible that they'll be using that version intercut with the title sequences from the dub. It's also possible that the full English version from 1999 has been restored as well-we just don't know yet. Either way, this will probably end up being the best-looking version of the English dub of the film, so it should be worth checking out.