Saturday, May 23, 2015

PokePress Channel Trailer

I recently put together a channel trailer for PokePress's YouTube channel. It's short (channel trailers should generally be under a minute), and you can take a look here:


Have you ever listened to a Pokémon song and wanted to know who wrote it? Or, maybe you’ve seen a Pokémon costume and wondered what went in to making it? Perhaps you’ve seen an unusual deck or team and wanted to find out how it works and why it got used? Well, here at PokePress, those are the kind of questions we try to answer-our goal is to explore the world of Pokemon through the people who help shape it. Additionally, we'll also take a look at parts of the franchise through Let's Plays, unboxings, and a few other types of videos. Now, the channel does try to focus on things that don't get as much attention or analysis elsewhere as we think they should, so we won't always have the latest news or the biggest stories. Just think of us as a Pokemon news magazine channel instead of a Pokemon news channel. Thanks.

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