Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Fake Pokemon: The First Movie Blu-Ray Appeared!

Recently, a fake disc of Pokemon: The First Movie started appearing on eBay. Here's what you need to know:


Hi, everybody. Steven here. Just wanted to alert you to something I’ve seen on eBay a couple time in the last few weeks. Now, if you’ve been following my Twitter feed, I’ve pointed this out a couple times. There is a fake Blu-ray version of Pokémon: The First Movie that’s popped up on eBay a couple times. In no way should you buy this. But, I’m going to explain it.

It’s actually a pretty good fake, to be honest. Someone did put some effort into making it look kind of legitimate. But, I’m going to go ahead and poke some holes in it just so you know what’s wrong with it and kind of how to spot fakes like this.

So, if we take a look at the front cover, you’ll notice that the picture in the front is misaligned. For whatever reason, there’s some blank space on the left that kind of forms a diagonal line. I guess what must have happened is that they scanned either the DVD cover or the VHS cover or a movie poster of it or something, in order to create this. And, that’s how they got the picture that you see there. But, you can see on the left hand side there’s this little border area that-it’s just not consistent there.

The other thing you probably notice is that the place where it usually says Kids’ WB! Presents, there’s a little Pokéball over. Personally, I don’t think it quite fits in there. I suppose if they were downplaying the Kids WB! part of it, now that that doesn’t really exist anymore in a rerelease. But, just keep that in mind.

Now, the first auction listing only had the front cover there. So, you could only see this. I knew it was fake because there is no Blu-ray version of Pokémon: The First Movie in English. The second time this was listed, which was just a few days ago from when I was recording this. We actually got a picture of the front and the back. And, if you take a look at the back, on initial inspection it might look kind of legit. But, there’s a few things wrong there too.

It has the text from the original DVD/VHS release, although a few words here and there have been cut out. It still loosely makes sense. But, the first thing that’s off is there’s negative space in the top right. You almost never see that on the back of a disc these days. Usually they fill it up with either actual pictures or with text or with something in there. So, you wouldn’t see a big space like that on the top right. Not sure what’s going on there. If you look very closely, there’s a space where there’s a bunch of Pokémon and there’s sort of a starburst behind them. You’ll notice if you look next to Charizard, there’s this white space. If you compare it against the one from the original DVD, there should be some stuff there. But, when they Photoshopped or whatever this together, they cut it out wrong. There’s that blank white space there next to Charizard’s neck.

Another big thing that’s missing, and you’ll see this a lot of these types of bootlegs, is there’s no rights information. Nothing about Warner Bros, Viz, The Pokémon Company, none of that stuff is on there. And, there are a few smaller things on there too. It’s got the same zebra code as the DVD version. It should have a different code number, since it is a different product. And, I’m sure there’s a number of other things that are off. And, if I had a close up, I’m sure I could spot even more stuff. So, I guess that kind of begs the question, what’s actually on the disc?

Well, I’m not buying this and neither should you. But, what I’m guessing is on there is they took the Japanese Blu-ray of The First Movie, which if you recall, is only sold as a set of the first 12 or 13 movies. And, they went in and spliced in the English audio and maybe they took some stuff from that remastered version that debuted on Cartoon Network earlier this year and used it to create this bootleg disc. But, that’s my best guess. Like I said, don’t buy this. If you see it somewhere, if someone else is considering buying it, tell them not to buy it. Just a little fair warning there. Thanks.

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