Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interview: Pokémon TCG Dragons Exalted Prerelease Rockford, IL

Normally, I post interviews in audio form, however the audio from this interview contains a large number of technical issues that in my opinion render it too difficult to listen to. Rather than discard the interview, I decided I would transcribe it here.

Christian Cuevas
Me: Hi, I’m Steven Reich here at Top Cut Comics in Rockford, IL at one of the Pokémon Trading Card [Game] Dragons Exalted Prereleases. I’m here with Christian Cuevas, who is one of the participants in the Masters Division of today’s prerelease, and Christian you’ve picked out a couple cards from the set, so let’s just go through them. So the first one you’ve picked out is Terrakion EX. What does that card do and what do you like about it?

Christian: Well, Terrakion EX has two attacks. It has Rock Tumble which is for fifty, which is not affected by resistance, and then Pump-up Smash for ninety, where after you’ve done your attack, you attach two basic energy cards from your hand to your Benched Pokémon. In my opinion, this card isn’t the best, but I like its Pump-up Smash attack.

Me: Yes, that definitely sounds pretty interesting. So, there’s several Pokémon Tools in this set, and the one you’ve picked out is Giant Cape, so what does that card do?

Christian: Well, it’s simple-it just basically gives your Pokémon [an] extra twenty HP, but I believe in a tough situation it can be very useful.

Me: Yeah, definitely. It’s sort of like Eviolite, but it has a different type of effect, and you can use it on Evolved Pokémon too which is really nice. There’s a couple [of] Special Energy Cards in this set, and they’re both designed to work with one of the new features. What’s that new feature in this set, and what’s the Energy Card you’ve picked out?

Christian: Well, one of the new features is that they came out with Dragon-Type Pokémon where they really don’t have a specific Energy Type, but they use many different Types of Energy, which this card [Blend Energy Water-Lightning-Fighting-Metal] when you put it on a Dragon-Type, let’s say you need a Water Energy-you can use it that way.

Me: There’s also a companion card that has four of the other types, so those are definitely two cards to look out for. Well, thank you very much Christian-this has been Steven Reich from Top Cut Comics in Rockford, IL at one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Dragons Exalted Prereleases.

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